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Castaway - finding yourself in paradise - cookbook

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Immerse yourself in the calming blues of the ocean and escape with father and daughter, Neil and Jordan Roake to the paradise of nature, the joy of people meeting and the reawakening of your inner yogi. This is not just about escaping on holiday for 10 days, but the creation of memory banks that guide and shape your life’s journey. It’s modern spirituality unguided by do-this, do-that guidebooks but discovered slowly as you converse with strangers who become friends. Obey nothing that feels like a command, and eat yourself happy.


With 60 recipes discovered on 5 dreamy islands and a dip into the pillars of life that help shape us, this is a gentle guide to living your best life at its most delicious.


PUBLISHER: Modern Museum

ISBN: 978-0-6397-0733-4

GENRE: Travel & Cookery

FORMAT: 4 page soft cover

SIZE: 215x270mm

EXTENT: 216pp

RIGHTS: South Africa

RELEASE: December 2022

Weight – 900grams