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Fierce Style for Ageless Women


Not Going Quietly is a luxury ready-to-wear clothing label that focuses on practical, beautiful pieces created for feisty and strong women. All pieces are manufactured in South Africa by a team experienced in prestige brand apparel, ensuring tailored finishes and quality that will last.

Our Collection: Classic Styles in Contemporary Fabrics

Soft to the touch and stunning to the eye, our aesthetic runs towards clean, simple lines and flowing shapes borrowed from Asian influences. All NGQ designs are aimed at providing styles that women of all ages will feel glamorous but comfortable in.  Our fabrics and colours reflect the latest trends but are in styles that can be worn over and over again for years to come. An important cornerstone of this aim is quality: you will find that each piece is constructed in fabrics and finishes that are meant to last, with small details that elevate our clothing, from uber-luxurious linings to hidden elastics that make the fit just right.

Personal Bio

Wynne Bredenkamp grew up under boardroom tables, watching her mother running a business and looking great while doing it. With this strong and stylish idol, Wynne found a passion for fashion, branding and business that stuck with her through an Honours in Theatre and Performance and half a decade as a professional director. After watching her mother struggle to find well-made, modern clothing for her age and body type, Wynne felt inspired to create a line that would celebrate not only her parent but all older women.

Brand Ethos

NGQ celebrates the experiences and wisdom of matriarchs. We recognise that age does not determine relevance and so seek to create contemporary clothing that celebrates the ageless woman. Our clients concerns about their bodies inform each new range, as we work to create cuts that hide insecurities and build confidence. By eliminating fussy finishes, the focus of each piece is to reflect quality and attention to detail, which is brought together by our local manufacturing team. It is important for us to invest in our beautiful country and it brings us peace of mind that we work for a conscientious and responsible manufacturing process. We are working to source sustainable textiles made in Africa, with the aim of eventually becoming a holistically local brand.

A brief description of products

Our clothing includes dresses, coats, blouses and pants in clean, arresting shapes with minimal fuss. Partly inspired by Asian aesthetics, our garments display stepped hemlines, defined sleeves and geometric silhouettes in soft fabrics to deliver, tailored, easy style.


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Instagram: @notgoingquietly


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