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The IMD 2019 collection is dedicated to my Angel mother Lutanani Alivinah Makhavhu


My mother was a woman of faith and always dreamt of standing in front of a congregation and sharing the gospel, in Hope's that it would change someone's life.

She made an oath to God that she and her family would always serve the Lord and even at the end of her journey, she still remained firm in her faith and encouraged us to do the same. Mom kept her covenant with God, and I saw her stand by it to the very end of her life journey with us.

Her life has inspired me to pursue my dreams fearlessly and to live my life as authentic, bold and free as I desire.

This collection is inspired by the life of my angel mother and it represents all the joy, strength, love and courage she has instilled in me.

Lutanani, thank you for making me the woman I am today. You ran your race with pure love, faith and elegance. I love you. ** A new dawn has begun **