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SS19 (31)

Venantia - layered coat dress

R 1,495.00

Offset Racer Dress

R 799.00

Swallowtail Dress - loose cut dress with flared sleeves

R 1,195.00

Fiona - modest, loose fit, scooped V neck dress

R 1,195.00

Cream/White No Waist Samantha Dress

R 850.00

Greenwich - Maxi, kaftan, long sleeve dress with print trim details

R 995.00

Satin Top

R 999.00

Jericho Dress - wrap dress with print detail

R 1,395.00

Swing Tunic & Tie

R 820.00

Bongikosi Shirt

R 695.00

Soho Dress - Asymmetrical wrap dress with print detail

R 1,395.00

Khan Bodysuit - graphic print with bow shoulder detail

R 695.00

Broadway Dress - Bright short sleeve maxi dress

R 1,395.00

Brown Regular

R 1,790.00

Brown Mandarin

R 1,790.00

White Regular

R 1,590.00

White Mandarin

R 1,590.00

Tunic Dress

R 979.00

Hand painted maxi skirt

R 750.00

Bongwa Reloaded Dress

R 999.00

Ivanka Dress - Black Front Short Long Back Summer Dress

R 1,395.00

Matador Shirt - Black Long Sleeve Shirt

R 795.00

Noir Georgette Long Sleeve Shirt

R 825.00

Azuri Dress, Bias Cut Dress, With A Boat Neck And Organza Sleeves

R 999.00

Checkers Print Gilet With Shoulder Button Detail

R 899.00

Samurai Vest - Maroon Wool Summer/Winter Vest

R 1,799.00

Feminist Lace Dress - Round Collar Midi with Long Sleeves in Black

R 1,349.00

Feminist Dress - Cinnamon Floral Long Sleeve Dress

R 1,349.00