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SS19/20 (20)

Sarie Kimono

R 895.00

White-spotted maxi "Ida" dress

R 895.00R 1,125.00

Silver-spotted "Ella" shirt dress

R 745.00R 995.00

Reversible red & black "Sakura" maxi dress with leather straps

R 1,295.00

Burgundy spotted "Hitomi" Dress

R 995.00

Navy Tia Smock Summer Shirt Dress

R 641.00R 995.00

Bright floral "Hitomi" Dress

R 995.00

Black spotted "Hannah' shirt dress

R 995.00

Olive "Tia" smock-shirt dress

R 995.00

Coral crossover top with mesh back

R 795.00

Coral "Luna Harem" pants

R 670.00R 895.00