Accessories (22)

The Spotted Baobab Cuff Set

R 329.00

The Charcoal Perch Earrings

R 259.00

Timber Leopard Necklace

R 259.00

The Missing Link Necklace

R 259.00

The Midday Resin Drop Earring

R 169.00

Dusk To Dawn Bracelet Set

R 189.00

Celestial Bracelet Set

R 269.00

Sunset Glow Necklace

R 259.00

The Elliptical Hoop Earrings

R 259.00

Ta Geometry Golden Choker

R 49.75R 99.50

Golden African Sun Necklace

R 55.65

Brass Earrings Hammered Circle

R 550.00

Queen Bee Necklace

R 259.00

Sunbeam Necklace

R 189.00