by Ouma Tema

Plus-Fab is the go-to fashion line for the fuller-figured woman. Inspired by the story of iconic South African women such as Saartjie Baartman, who were shunned and even ostracised because their physical stature did not conform to the ‘norm’, Plus-Fab continues to take the SA fashion industry by storm.


It all started with the shopping nightmares of founder and big personality Ouma Tema, who saw that everything in her size had ‘grandma’s curtains’ written all over it. Where was the sass and sexiness? So, with life giving this savvy businesswoman lemons – or at least, lemon-coloured slacks – she decided to make full-flavoured lemonade.


Ouma Tema started making her own clothes and sharing the results on social media. Friends and fellow plus-size ladies kept asking for more clothes, then more, and so the dream grew. Today, Ouma is one of the most sought-after designers for plus-size women in SA and neighbouring countries.  Her motto ‘not just the right size’ is the guiding principle here…