Kameo Kids

Fashion has no age requirement

 Catering for girls aged between 2 to 16 years, Kameo Kids make clothing that’s fun, stylish and bold as well as inspiring and positive in order to make an impact on a kid’s self-esteem at an early age.


Children can be stylish & trendy while still being KIDS.


Kameo Kids appreciates those who choose to pass their love of fashion down to the special little ones in their lives. Kameo Kids clothing is colourful and beautiful with rich layers full of saturated colours. Most dresses are fully lined and made from special fabrics like 100% cottons and brocades, created with excellent workmanship and attention to detail.


Available at The Space Mall of Africa


Narcissi Madisha

Designer and founder of KAMEO KIDS


I have always loved making beautiful clothes for my dolls. I started my buying career in kidswear and ultimately fell in love with Girlswear. I wanted to design clothes that make Girls feel special. Kameo Kids clothes for girls are something each girl is dreaming of. Girls would think over their look for the next day to look stylish and at the same time to stay comfortable. This is precisely what we are occupied with – creating cool and super stylish garments for Girls, so they have a closet filled with all necessary things. We know that dressing up kids is a great job. You will need much patience and creativity to make them look different from other kids. This is one of the reasons why Kameo Kids exists.

Favourite fabrics to work with?

I love working with wovens, I love fabrics with surface interest. I love prints both subtle and outrageous, I love fabrics that tell a story.


Where do you find daily inspiration?

I find inspiration from my daughters aged 11 and 6. I find inspiration at the beach, I love sitting and watching people go about their lives without a care in the world.

Best career moment so far?

Showcasing at Durban Fashion fair in 2016 and 2017 and supplying The Space.


What corner of SA most oozes style, in your eyes?

Johannesburg, there is a representation of almost all tribal groups and people from all over the world, you can see it in the creativity of the landscape. People are very experimental with art, fabrics and colours as well.