Isabel de Villiers

Designed with love for women of all shapes and sizes

Isabel de Villiers Clothing, based in Cape Town, caters for all shapes and sizes. Special attention is given the curvy girl with sizes ranging from 32 to 48.  Isabel’s brand continues to push and promote a positive message by not merely focusing on size (and the beauty of all sizes), but by designing and making the brand’s clothing locally and ethically. Only small quantities of each style are produced, to ensure the exclusivity and quality of each garment. IdVC is designed with love and made to be enjoyed by women who believe in simplicity, femininity and effortless dressing.

"The next big thing is fashion is sustainability. Educating the next generation of designers and consumers to shop local, buy quality instead of quantity products."

isabel de villiers

"SA women are so diverse and so different in every city and town. I like the easiness and laid-back vibe of Cape Town - but JHB girls know how to dress!"

isabel de villiers