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Love ZA Buy ZA


“We were trading at a market at Stellenbosch, it was meant to be a slow movement market but there were quite a lot of stands selling Chinese clothes and as a result, a lot of people would comment on the price of our clothes, which are actually very fairly priced for a small designer brand that is not mass produced,“ says Marian Park-Ross, owner and designer of Good Clothing, “I got really frustrated because I thought ‘You don’t understand what this is.’ We needed to link buying local with being proud of something that you’re doing, not about money, about something bigger. Getting customers to realize that you can change things and create much needed jobs by making different choices.”


This realisation led Marian to form Love ZA Buy ZA, a project highlighting the amazing talent in South African industries. You can find the project’s sticker on South African made clothing, furniture and other artisanal products all over the Western Cape, and #lovezabuyza has been taking off like wildfire on instagram. It helps people to buy responsibly, sustaining local jobs, while also getting them excited about South African design and manufacturing and reminding them how proud they should feel to own it.


Marian puts her money where her mouth is, and has an intimate workshop in Cape Town central with three permanent employees, while also outsourcing to a host of local independants. The workshop is a bustling space lined with rails filled with

Good Clothings lovely frocks.

 Klarette Strydom, Marian’s assistant and fellow designer, sits at a table bathed in light, planning another season on a series of boards with handsketched skirts and dresses and beautiful fabric samples. Zairo Bughan and Ursula Smith are stationed behind their machines. Both have a wealth of experience as machinists. Zairo began at 18 years old, after a course at a local training school. When asked about sewing, she simply states “I just love it.” Ursula worked her way up through the ranks at a local factory, which sadly went the way of many local businesses as production has increasingly been moved overseas. “At that time (when she started,) there were a lot of big firms” Ursula explains, “but most have gone into liquidation, so now we start working for smaller companies.”


Marian ventured into full-time fashion nine years ago, after a lifetime of fashion interest, from coveting her grandmother’s shoe collection to knitting garments for her friends at university. Good Clothing has grown steadily from it’s humble beginnings from her home, to a desk in the corner of her present day studio shared with two other designers, to taking over the full studio space. Her passion for beautiful things responsibly made is evident in each process of production. You can safely know when you are buying an item from Good Clothing, that it is good in every sense of the word.