Adam & Eve

A Fashion Collective

Adam & Eve is a Cape Town based ready to wear designer label, with a design aesthetic based around structured prettiness. Their garments project a sense of fun quirkiness while remaining sophisticated.

Kim Cupido, Paula Dos Santos & Faatimah Mohamed





Adam and Eve’s studio, located down a gritty alley in Cape Town’s vibrant Woodstock area, is a light, airy renovated warehouse they share with a graphic design company. There’s a beatifully dressed Mannequin, draped in a dress with one of Adam And Eves trademark Prints at the entrance to their workspace. There’s also a small photographic studio with infinity curve and an intriguing rack of clothes containing their latest collection. “The samples just came back from Edinburgh“ explains Kim Cupido, one of Adam and Eve’s founders “they literally got back this morning, so we’ve had no time to steam them. We were exhibiting at the Edinburgh International

Fashion Festival.”


Adam and Eve had a great response to their range in Edinburgh. People were very open and excited about what they produce and the fact that they make all their items locally was a really important factor. “I think South Africans are slowly beginning to understand the true value of a locally designed and produced garment versus the mass produced products they usually buy,” says Paula Dos Santos, “but that is something which has always been greatly valued internationally.”


Adam and Eve is a collaboration between three fashion graduates from Cape Tech; Kim Cupido, Paula Dos Santos and Faatimah Mohamed. While all three had their own highly individualised design voices, they blended perfectly into the one story of Adam and Eve. Faatimah has recently been exploring new ventures, and Kim and Paula are now the backbone of the label.


Well known for the structured prettiness and wearability of their designs, Adam and Eve is also famous for their bold use of print, designed in house. “It just becomes more personal doing your own print, closer and closer to home” says Kim. The print for their latest collection is almost literally home, a stylised line drawing of a street map of Woodstock. “The concept is Summer in the city,” explains Paula, “how people live in the city. They have to work, they can’t just sit on the beach all day.” While that reality is a pity, the highly specific South African urban focus in Adam and Eve’s design is really exciting, an expression of love for the city.


All production for Adam and Eve is done in Cape Town, from printing to CMT. “One of our main CMT’s was working out of her home when we started with her, and now she’s moved into a factory,” says Paula, “it’s really been nice to see her company grow as well.”


“What is her company’s name?” I ask. Kim and Paula wrack

their brains.


“They’ve gone through a few name changes, I think they’re called Bright Idea” Kim manages, while Paula offers “ We obviously just call her Cheryl…”